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Mission Statement

Vision & Missions

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
  • Date:2013/7/10
  • Updated:2017/2/8
  • Editor:cindy124

With the purposes of ensuring the quality of Taiwan’s universities and colleges and enhancing Taiwan’s higher education, HEEACT conserves its vision of “Impartial, Professional and Striving for Excellence” actively and cautiously evaluates each higher education institution and program as well as participates in various international higher education evaluation organizations and events. HEEACT has developed itself into a respectable and reliable professional QA organization in Taiwan to help the higher education institutions strive for excellence.

HEEACT’s main missions are as follows:

1. To develop a set of indicators and mechanisms for higher education evaluation.

2. To implement higher education evaluation and accreditation commissioned by the Ministry of Education and make suggestions to the Ministry of Education on policymaking based on evaluation reports.

3. To conduct training workshops and programs for reviewers, and to create a talent pool of higher education evaluation practitioners

4. To publish journals, magazines, and books on higher education evaluation to disseminate the knowledge and techniques of evaluation.

5. To promote international collaboration and exchange in higher education evaluation, and to raise the quality of Taiwan’s higher education evaluation.

6. To participate in international professional quality assurance organizations networks to enhance Taiwan’s visibility in the global context of evaluation.

7. To assist universities and colleges to establish the self-improvement mechanism.

8. To conduct research studies on the trends and development of higher education evaluation.

9. To hold international academic conferences regarding higher education evaluation.