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Brief History

Brief History

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
  • Date:2013/7/10
  • Updated:2017/3/2
  • Editor:cindy124

As the number of higher education institutions increases at a speedy rate, the number of incoming students is decreasing drastically, due to the dropping birth rate. This phenomenon has led to an escalating admission rate year after year. People began to concern about the quality assurance (QA) as well as quality enhancement (QE) of higher education, and there was an urgent need for the establishment of an impartial and objective evaluation mechanism. In order to meet these needs, the foundation, Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT), was then established jointly by the Ministry of Education and all the higher education institutions in Taiwan on December 26, 2005. Ever since 2006, HEEACT has conducted higher education quality assurance evaluations to assist the universities to contribute to society through the pursuit of quality education as well as research.

As a third-party and professional organization specializing in higher education evaluation and accreditation, HEEACT’s tasks include two major areas: to conduct institutional and program evaluations on all Taiwan’s universities and colleges in the higher education system to conduct quality assurance and enhancement research and development projects on higher education.

With the aims of facilitating the internationalization of Taiwan’s higher education quality, and to continuously grasp on the most current developments of quality assurance and enhancement in higher education, HEEACT has been actively participating in numerous international organizations, networks and activities. By doing so, HEEAT has not merely outputted the Taiwanese higher education evaluation experiences, but brought Taiwan’s higher education into a greater international visibility.