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Executive Director

Executive Director

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  • Date:2014/9/9
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Angela Yung-Chi Hou

Executive Director, Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan

Professor, Department of Education , National Chengchi University , Taiwan

Vice President, Asia Pacific Quality Network

Board member, International Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Editor in chief, Higher Education Evaluation & Development (HEED)

Angela Yung-chi Hou, is Professor of Higher Education at National Chengchi University, Taiwan and serves as Executive Director of Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan since 2016. She has been involved in quality assurance practices and international research for more than 15 years. Currently, she now serves Executive Director of Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council, the Vice President of APQN and Board member of INQAAHE. She has been actively taken part in quality assurance development of Asian higher education in the Position of APQN Vice President over past 6 years. When she worked at Fu Jen Catholic University, she ever served as Dean of Office of International Education, Director of Faculty Development Center, and Director of Public Affairs.

She specializes in higher education policy, quality management, internationalization, faculty development, quality assurance of cross border higher education. She has been conducting several international higher education research projects funded by the Taiwan and US governments. Currently, she is also in the service of Chief-in-Editor of HEED Journal jointly published by HEEACT and Asian Pacific Quality Network (APQN) and as Associate Editor of Journal of Asian Pacific Educational Review (SSCI). Up to present, she has published more than 130 Chinese and English papers, articles, book chapters and reports in the areas of higher education evaluation, quality assurance, cross border higher education in local and international referred journals. In particular, 17 are highly impact SSCI journal articles. Since 2013, She has been recognized by the Springer as one of the top 24 Asian researchers in higher education field. Over past five years, she has been awarded “Outstanding Researcher” by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

She is the author of CHEA Principles "Principle 1 Quality and higher education providers". She edited Springer higher education series “Higher Education in East Asia: Quality, Excellence and Governance” with other three top Asian Scholar. Up to present, there are five monographs published in the series. She was awarded 2017 INQAAHE research and innovation project titled “Self-Accreditation Policy, Quality Culture Building and Role of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education: Diversity, Autonomy and Accountability” and 2018 INQAAHE Capacity Building Projects titled “Comparisons of QA systems, Review standards and Procedures, and Transparency in Taiwan and Indonesia: Capacity Building for Mutual Recognition of Joint Programs”

Over years, she has been invited to OECD, EU Share, AQAN, ANQAHE, SEEI, IREG, HKCAAVQ, HEEC, AACCUP, PACUCOA, NAAC, British Council, INQAAHE, APEC, ENQA, APQN, ANQAHE, BAN PT, EU SHARE to make keynote speeches, presentation and run workshops on QA issues.

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