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2017 Evaluation Timeline

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  • Date:2017/3/3

2017 Evaluation Timeline

2017 Second Cycle Institutional Evaluation: Reviewers Training and Preparation Seminar
Date: 15, 17 February; 6 March
Starting in 2017, HEEACT is undergoing the Second Cycle Institutional Evaluation. A training and preparation seminar will be held at National Academy Education Research, NAER (Taipei Branch). Seminar deliberations include accreditation information finding and citation and accreditation ethics, in order to cultivate the reviewers’ expertise and the knowledge of institutional research. The preparation focuses on the accreditation process and on-site visits.

2017 Higher Education Institutional Evaluation On-site Visits
Date: April-June
The 2017 (first half) Institutional Evaluation includes 16 universities: Taiwan Baptist Christian Seminary, Toko University, Christ’s College Taipei, University of Kang Ning, Mingdao University, CTBC Financial Management College, Army Academy R.O.C., Open University of Kaohsuing, Kainan University, Alethia University, R.O.C. Naval Academy, Taiwan Shoufu University, R.O.C. Air Force Academy, University of Taipei, Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts and National Quemoy University.
Each on-site visit lasts will last two days. Institutions/universities with more than 6,000 students are allocated with 14-16 reviewers; 301-5999 students with 10-12 reviewers; 101-300 students with 6-8 reviewers; below 100 with 4-6 reviewers. If the Institutions/universities have campus branches elsewhere, 3-4 reviewers will be allocated for a one-day review.
To assure the legitimacy and fairness of the reviewers, a Reviewer Abstention Application Form was sent out on 28 December 2016. Institutions/universities are able apply through listing ten abstention principles toward certain recommended reviewers.

2016 Second Cycle Program Evaluation Results (First Draft) and Call for Appeal
The 2016 (second half) Second Cycle Program Evaluation, the 2014 (second half) Second Cycle Program Evaluation and the re-accredited programs were completed in December 2016. The first drafts of the reports (results) were generated and will be sent back to the institutions by the end of February 2017. Institutions that are unsatisfied or have questions with the results are able to call for appeal by 20 March.

2016 Teacher Education Evaluation Call for Appeal
The 2016 (second half) Teacher Education Evaluation was completed in November 2016. A total of four evaluations were conducted and the first drafts of the reviews were sent to each institution. Institutions are able to call for appeal by 18 March and responses will be made by April.