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Project for Student Rights and Learning Quality in Higher Education Institutions

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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In recent years, all the higher education institutions (HEIs) have faced a shortage of students. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, HEEACT conducted document reviews and on-site visits to examine a program’s operations and the teaching QA mechanisms at HEIs. The review included any factors that may affect the teaching quality such as “curriculum planning and implementation”, “faculty”, and “distance education and off-campus internships” so as to maintain the quality in HE.

The goal of this project is to protect students’ right to education at HEIs. Even with the decrease in the number of students, this project aims to avoid that HEIs take advantage of administrative measures (e.g., merging classes, teacher layoffs) in order to reduce expenses in teaching and learning, which then affects the teaching and learning quality as well as the rights of teachers and students.