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Higher Education SPROUT Project

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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In 2018, the MOE launched the “Higher Education SPROUT Project”, with the main motifs of deepening local connections, making international links, and taking the future lead. The project has four main goals: to develop innovative teaching; to promote the publicity for HE; to develop university features; and to fulfill university social responsibility.

Main framework is divided into: (1) to enhance the quality of higher education institutions (HEIs) and to encourage the multi-faceted development HE in Taiwan (i.e. guarantee student rights to education), (2) to facilitate HEIs to enhance their international competitiveness and to establish research centers (i.e. boost Taiwan’s international competitiveness), and (3) to support local and disadvantaged students.

HEEACT was commissioned to develop procedures and mechanisms for document reviews and on-site visits, as well as to evaluate the implementation and performance of each HEI.