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Project for Preschool Educare Giver Evaluation in Higher Education Institutions

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
  • Editor:verahsiao

This project aims to ensure the quality of higher education programs which relates to early childhood educare (education and caretaking). We hope to improve preschool teachers and caregivers’ accountability and quality that they may combine their professional into the educational field. By self-accreditation and on-site visit, it is able to understand and support each university establishing a quality assurance mechanism on cultivating preschool teachers and caregivers’ accountability, and therefore they can strengthen its advantages and develop the high-quality education. There are five categories to be evaluated as follow:

This project is evaluated based on the following five categories:

(1) Enrollment, Positioning and Self- improvement of training Educare Giver.

(2) Instructor Quality and Expertise.

(3) Curriculum arrangement and implementation;

(4)Teaching Space and Resources; and

(5) Student Learning and Counseling.

All the categories are evaluated individually and receive one of the following results: accredited, conditionally accredited, or denial. After the appeal process is completed, if there is any, the accreditation results and final accreditation report are published in the Educare Giver Evaluation Website. This project also promotes the universities and colleges self-improvement.