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Project for Student Counseling Evaluation in Higher Education Institutions

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
  • Editor:verahsiao

The Student Counseling Evaluation of Universities and Colleges is based on Article 18 of the Student Guidance and Counseling Act. This project aims to examine the institutional accountability for student support and counselling work among the universities. Two major purposes are included in this project:

(1) First, each higher education institution shall undertake regular assessment and evaluation of its institutional accountability for student guidance and counselling work.

(2) Second, the competent authority at each level shall regularly assess and evaluate the effect and results of each institution's student guidance and counselling work and shall incorporate the findings as a reference item when assessing and evaluating its administrative performance.

Therefore, the MOE commissioned HEEACT for related operations of this project, including document review and on-site visits. Higher education institutions with outstanding results shall be awarded an incentive; while schools performing poorly shall be provided with advice to help them to improve.