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HEEACT receives APQN Quality Award 2017

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan was awarded the APQN Quality Award of International Cooperation in QA, demonstrating a good practice that has potential of adaptation among APQN members. The award was presented at the Gala Dinner during the APQN Conference and AGM in Moscow Russia in May.

HEEACT has actively reached out to quality assurance agencies in Asia-Pacific regions that are seeking for competent collaboration and accreditation, the very issues that increased the awareness of a quality higher education. With our networks, resources, projects and publications, HEEACT has been promoting and providing good practices and expertise to the challenges on the development of higher education and its quality.

Below are the key resources and ways we are using to facilitate higher education and quality assurance in 2017:
- Support and promote APQN and INQAAHE activities and conferences by putting forth our services in sharing expertise and knowledge through contributing research papers and presentations.
- Conduct 9 research projects, aiming at accreditation (national and foreign, especially towards Southeast Asia) and the formation of its database, collaboration with East and Southeast Asian countries.
- Strengthen and increase the collaboration with 12 agencies by implementing and revisiting the terms on the MOUs.
- Promote visitation and staff exchange to Asia-Pacific/ Southeast Asian regions to further quality assurance, collaboration and mutual recognition.
- Searching for quality papers on higher education and development and disseminating the knowledge through the publication HEED.