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2020 HEEACT 15th anniversary

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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HEEACT celebrated its 15th anniversary with series of activities on October 21st to October 23rd in Taipei, Taiwan. The annual international conference was held on October 21st under the theme of “Reimagining Higher Education and Quality Assurance after COVID-19: Impacts, Challenges, and Future Prospects”. It was a great honor to have four well-known keynote speakers, President of Examination Yuan, MOE representatives, QA experts and university principals and professors to share us the challenging ecology of global higher education and relevant quality assurance initiatives. In addition, the International Webinar (Regional Forum) was held on the 2nd day of the series activities. HEEACT invited regional QA agencies to share crisis management policies during COVID-19 under the theme of “The Impact of COVID-19 on Quality Assurance in Asia's Higher Education”. Last but not least, HEEACT gathered all its successive Presidents and Executive Directors to conduct a series of discussions and reviews on the development of Taiwan's higher education and quality assurance. The three-day events provided global, regional and national perspectives on new roles of QA agency and future development of higher education. Experts and scholars encouraged the joint effort made by global community to confront challenges in the post-COVID-19 era to ensure the overall quality in higher education. HEEACT gladly thanks all speakers and participants making the 2020 HEEACT 15th anniversary a great success. We look forward to see you next year!