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2017 International Staff Exchange with NIAD-QE

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On March 13, 2017 marks the first International Staff Exchange in 2017. Three delegates from National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement (NIAD-QE), Mr. Ryutaro Ifuku, International Unit Chief, Ms. Junko Fushimi, International Affairs Officer, and Ms. Risa Gojima, Unit Staff of Certified Evaluation and Accreditation of Law School, came to Taipei, Taiwan to take part in this 5-day exchange event, March 13-15. The main venue was located in National Academy for Educational Research (NAER-Taipei Branch).


To share HEEACT’s operations and Taiwan’s QA system, HEEACT arranged a variety of activities in the exchange program, including an ice-breaker, a joint QA seminar, a discussion with HEEACT’s adjunct research fellows, campus tours at different universities and learning the QA being conducted, classrooms observation, an exchange with Swedish Council for Higher Education, and finally, a feedback form.

Six highlights were spread into the 5-day staff exchange program:

1. Ice-breaker:
Through the HEEACT’s introduction and welcoming, delegates from NIAD-QE received a general sense of our operations and Taiwan’s QA system. The Q&A that followed opened up the first of the five-day discussion, allowing them to settle down and begin to learn.

2. Joint Quality Assurance Seminar:
The Joint Quality Assurance Seminar was focused on the technical process and procedures in QA. HEEACT led the seminar by sharing the institutional and program accreditation it has conducted over the years. In return, NIAD-QE shared their institutional review mechanism and quality assurance principles. A conclusion on comparing both agencies’ practices was made at the end of the seminar.

3. Meeting with HEEACT Adjunct Research Fellows
Three of the HEEACT adjunct research fellows shared their views on Taiwan higher education policy and current trends by using research projects they conducted.

4. Visit University QA Offices
Due to HEEACT’s fixed on-site visit schedule, unfortunately, NIAD-QE does not have a chance to observe the institutional review. However, we arranged campus tours to two universities’ QA offices to learn how the universities improve education quality through a well-established internal QA mechanism.

5. Classroom Observations
NIAD-QE was invited to attend an English course on Globalization and Higher Education in Fu Jen Catholic University, and shared the Japanese QA system and international education. Through the observation with students’ interaction, they had a chance to learn the teaching and learning quality and environment at a Taiwan’s university.
NIAD-QE was also arranged to tour Taipei National University of the Arts.

6. Farewell (Feedback Forum)
Upon the last day, a Feedback Forum was hosted for NIAD-QE and our staff members to reflect what they experience over the week.


HEEACT hopes that NIAD-QE has a better understanding of Taiwan’s higher education system and quality assurance, and that they have something “tangible” to bring back home. HEEACT aims to host more staff exchanges in the near future as it shows a strong potential of in-depth collaboration in quality assurance.

NIAD-QE has invited us to visit it’s headquarter in October in Tokyo, to complete our plan for 2017 International Staff Exchange. HEEACT President Dr. Jong-Tsun Huang was invited to be an observer of NIAD-QE's institutional review. HEEACT, in return, has also invited NIAD-QE's President Dr. Hideki Fukuda to participate in HEEACT's 2017 Global Summit as a speaker. Two organizations have agreed to renew its MOU, which was first signed in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.