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Project for Teacher Education Evaluation

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The Ministry of Education (MOE) has been conducting evaluation of teacher education at universities and colleges regularly since 2005 to ensure the quality of teacher education. The results of the evaluation, according to the Teacher Education Act, shall be approved by the MOE Teacher Education Review Committee and made public. MOE incorporates the relevant policies and laws into the standards of evaluation, reviews the quality and effectiveness of teacher education, and assists the institutions to discover issues for future improvement and to guarantee there are sufficient high-quality teachers.

Since 2009, the Ministry of Education has appointed the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) to undertake the Evaluation for Teacher Education Programs of Higher Education (also known as the Project for Teacher Education Evaluation). The purpose of this evaluation is to improve the teacher education, promote the integration of resources, promptly response to the needs from teaching site, and ultimately ensure the quality of teacher education. By utilizing processes of on-site visit and self-assessment into the evaluation, the teacher education institutions can have a better understanding of their current quality level and increase their capacity in the future. The first cycle of teacher education evaluation started in 2005, the second cycle started in 2012, the third cycle began from 2018, and the fourth cycle will be implemented soon.

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