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Higher Education SPROUT Project

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~Sustained Progress and Rise of Universities in Taiwan~

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has been promoting the Higher Education SPROUT (Sustained Progress and Rise of Universities in Taiwan) Project since 2018. The first phase (2018-2022) is based on the vision of “developing universities’ diverse features and nurturing talents for the new generation.” With the goals of “taking teaching as the core,” “making resources public,” “developing university features” and “fulfilling social responsibility,” the project helps each higher education institution develop unique features based on its own strengths, focusing on cultivating students’ core competencies, enhancing learning outcomes and increasing students’ competitiveness in employment. Higher Education SPROUT Project continues to move into its second phase (2023-2027), with an agile approach to augment its vision to: shaping and positioning strengths and distinctive features within universities, and cultivating talents to meet future needs and national development.

The second phase of the Higher Education SPROUT Project will continue the structure of the first phase and will be promoted in two parts; the First Part: “Reinforce Quality of Universities and Encourage Multi-faceted Development” and the Second Part: “Enhance International Competitiveness.” The First Part includes the Main Framework, Sections of the Main Framework (Internationalized Administrative Support System, Information Security Strengthening), Attachment Section (Fulfilling University Social Responsibility (USR)), Appendix One (Making Resources More Public: Complete School Assistance System) and Appendix Two (Making Resources More Public: The Effectiveness of Tutoring Indigenous Students Through the Indigenous Student Resource Center). The Second Part includes the “Whole-School Program” and the “Featured Areas Research Center Program” (Excerpt from MOE, Higher Education Sprout Project :Sustained progress and rise of universities in Taiwan).

Since 2017, the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) is commissioned to the Quality Management for the Operation of Higher Education Sustained Progress and Rise of Universities in Taiwan Project. Procedures and mechanisms for document reviews and on-site visits, as well as the evaluation for the implementation and performance of each higher education institution have been developed to improve the efficacy of the project. In order to ensure the quality of documentation reviews, presentation reviews and on-site visits, the “Higher Education SPROUT Project” platform (website) was established to keep track of the effectiveness and status of implementation and evaluation.

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