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HEEACT to host 2017 Global Summit in Taipei

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In collaboration with APQN, the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) is hosting the 2017 Global Summit on September 21-22 in Taipei, Taiwan! The theme this year is Regional Cooperation and Harmonization: ASEAN Countries and East Asia in Quality Assurance of Higher Education, where we have invited QA experts from the mentioned countries to share their professional and insightful experiences in their agencies and organizations.

On behalf of HEEACT and APQN, we would like to invite you all to participate in this rewarding event!

The summit topics are listed below:
1. Keynote 1: Global Trends in QA and Challenges for the ASEAN QA Agencies and Universities
2. Session 1: Quality Assurance and Qualification Recognition
3. APQN Session: Quality Assurance in Regional Network
4. Keynote 2: Quality Assurance in ASEAN Countries: The Roles of AQAN
5. Session 2: Regional Cooperation Among QA Agencies from Southeast Asian Perspectives
6. Session 3: Regional Cooperation Among QA Agencies from East Asian Perspectives
7. Session 4: Cross-border Higher Education: International Faculty and Student, Postdoctoral Researcher Recruitment and Studying Abroad
8. Session 5: Quality Assurance and International Education

For the latest updates, please visit: HEEACT-APQN 2017 Global Summit