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HEEACT publishes the second edition of its English Newsletter

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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Dear friends and colleagues,

    It’s our pleasure to share the second edition of the HEEACT English Newsletter. Over the past months, we have successfully finished the second cycle of institutional accreditation and we are thinking of the new and innovative approaches for the third cycle of institutional accreditation after feedback and comments returned from universities. In addition to this, more than 300 programs voluntarily chose to be accredited by HEEACT. With the aims of promoting the internal quality assurance mechanism and pursue of academic excellence, 7 universities applied for the MOE Self-Accreditation program.

One of the HEEACT's goals is to strengthen our internationalization engagement and continue to expand the QA network throughout substantial collaborations with our 21 foreign partners. Likewise, we had an exchange program in Australia with TEQSA in April. During May, MNCEA, the Mongolian national QA agency came to visit HEEACT for a week of learning and sharing QA experiences.

HEEACT is going to celebrate the 15th anniversary in 2020. It is time for us to review all our QA works to enhance governance and management effectiveness and efficiency, as well as to diversify our roles in Taiwan's higher education, including serving as a Think Tank. To make HEEACT more
recognized worldwide, we would like to focus more on our research and internationalization capacities through the active engagement in INQAAHE and APQN in the year 2020.

Last but not least, on behalf of HEEACT's President Huang, We'd like to share with you our activities and accomplishments in the 2nd edition English newsletter.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jong-Tsun Huang and Angela Yung-Chi Hou


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