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HEEACT and TEQSA Staff Exchange Program

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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In July 28, 2018 HEEACT and TEQSA signed an MOU as part of the strengthening of the relationships between both agencies. From March 18th to March 20th 2019, three of HEEACT’s staff participated in the Staff Exchange Program in which the both HEEACT and TEQSA staff had the opportunities to share about the higher education systems in Taiwan and Australia.
During the Staff Exchange Program, HEEACT staff visited TEQSA’s offices and were part of a series of workshop sessions in which they learned about TEQSA current operations and processes related to quality assurance and the regulation of the Australian Higher education system and its relationship with the higher education providers.
Likewise, among the main topics that were exposed during these sessions was how TEQSA have implemented its Risk-Assessment Approach, TEQSA Experts Program, and TEQSA’s Regulatory activities as the application for Registered Higher Education Providers for new course accreditation, renewal of registration for existing providers, and the how the Higher Education Providers can apply to the Self-Accrediting Authority status. Moreover, TEQSA staff share two of their most recent thematic projects:
(1) Addressing Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in Higher Education and
(2) Admissions Transparency Project.
Additionally, our Staff also visited the William Angliss Institute which is a specialist higher education institution for training and vocational education in Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts. HEEACT staff visited the facilities learned how the institution assure the quality in all of its courses that aim to strengthen the student learning outcomes.
The Staff Exchange Program culminated successfully in which both agencies shared experiences and lessons learned. Likewise, this first Staff Exchange Program allows and continues to strengthen the relationships between HEEACT and TEQSA for further cooperation projects.