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HEEACT Taiwan Higher Education Forum

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On May 3rd, HEEACT held the International Symposium and Forum "Higher Education in Taiwan: Global, Political and Social Challenges" in which international speakers and different Taiwanese professors participated through their dissertations regarding the of Higher Education system in Taiwan.
During the morning sessions, the first keynote speech was delivered by Prof. Dr. Jong-Tsun Huang, President of HEEACT, who spoke about the current challenges and perspectives for Taiwan's higher education system in the international arena.
Then, Prof. Dr. Joshua MOK Ka-ho, Vice-President of Lingnan University from Hong Kong shared the importance of Contesting Globalization and Rethinking International-Regional Collaborations from East Asian Perspectives and to conclude with the keynote speeches, Prof. Dr. Bruce Macfarlane, Head of the School of Education Area of research from the University of Bristol of UK, shared the theme of Higher education as a research field and its development across generations who expressed his interest and motivated all the participants to deepen more in this field.
After the keynote speeches, Prof. Dr. Angela Yung-Chi Hou, Executive director of HEEACT and Prof. Dr. Sheng-Ju Chan, Dead of the Quality assurance Office led the round table session where they involved the attendees to inquire more about the topics discussed and share their ideas and comments about it.
During the afternoon, several professors and scholars shared valuable topics such as:
1. The Dynamics of Diversification and Convergence Processes of Higher Education Institutions in Taiwan
2. Accountability and Academic Autonomy of Higher Education in Taiwan: Myth and Reality
3. Doctoral Education in Aging Society: Strategies and Challenges in Taiwan
4. Equity in Higher Education in Taiwan
5. A New Pathway for Taiwan Higher Education: Technological Innovation and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
6. The implications of institutional research on university governance
All these series of topics will be included in the publication of the book "Higher Education in Taiwan: Global, Political and Social Challenges" that will be publish in July, 2020.