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HEEACT participates in QAA UK International Partners' Forum

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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In light of the current situation of COVID-19 affecting the higher education worldwide, QAA's International Partners' Forum hosted on 20 May 2020 highlighted the common challenges to higher education quality assurance across the world. This forum gathered the participation of more than 60 representatives from over 22 QA agencies of countries.

Prof. Dr. Angela Yung-Chi Ho, was invited to share with all the participants HEEACT’s actions to support the higher education system in Taiwan and the strategies that have been implemented to keep the quality of the different projects and QA processes in which HEEACT is involved. As part of HEEACT representatives, Dr. Grace I-Jung Lu and Mr. Dewin Justiniano were also involved in the different discussions thought the sessions.

Mr. Douglas Blackstock, CEO of QAA UK, concluded the International Partners' Forum, underlining the current challenges that the EQA agencies and Higher Education Institutions are facing. Mr. Blackstock highlighted the important role, innovative ways, and strategies that the EQA agencies have adopted to collaborate and support the needs of HEIs, the student experience, and assuring the quality of higher education during and post-pandemic.