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Satisfactory closing of 2020 APQN 8th Online Forum

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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On July 27, the 2020 APQN 8th Online Forum was satisfactorily closed. APQN members gave speeches under the topic of “Influence of COVID-19 on Quality Assurance: The new normal of Higher Education 4.0”. Six themes were well discussed during the online forum:

  1. Governments as key player for higher education quality assurance under the impact of COVID-19
  2. The new normal of internationalization of quality assurance
  3. Quality assurance of outcome-based teaching and learning: the influence of COVID-19
  4. Digitalization of quality assurance: will this be the new normal for quality assurance?
  5. Innovations in HE accreditation in an era of disruptive technologies
  6. Reflections on new normal and strategies for quality assurance in emerging out of COVID-19 pandemic

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