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HEEACT has released its first English Monograph

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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The Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) has released its first English monograph among the book series “Higher Education in Asia: Quality, Excellence and Governance” published by Springer. The book ‘’Higher Education in Taiwan: Global, Political and Social Challenges and Future Trends’’, indexed in the Scopus database, was edited by Prof. Dr. Angela Yung-Chi Hou, Prof. Dr. Tony Tung-Liang Chiang, and Prof. Dr. Sheng-Ju Chan. This is the ninth volume of this book series starting from 2016; however, it is the first English book focusing on Taiwan’s higher education.

This book discusses the current situation of Taiwanese Universities under a rapidly changing domestic and global environment. It examines the social structure, drawing on professional perspectives, data-based and systematic analysis. It contains fourteen insightful chapters as follows:

Chapter 1 Historical Development of Higher Education in Taiwan from Past to Present 
Authors: Hou, Angela Yung-Chi (et al.)

Chapter 2 The Influence of Governmental Policies and Global Competition in the Diversification of Higher Education in Taiwan
Author: Chen, Karen Hui-Jung 

Chapter 3 Taiwan’s Higher Education Policy: From Neoliberalism to Public Goods (Higher Education in Taiwan: Global, Political, and Social Challenges)
Author: Chang, Dian-Fu

Chapter 4 Quality Assurance in Taiwan Higher Education: Regulation, Model Shift, and Future Prospect
Authors: Lin, Alan Shao Ren (et al.)

Chapter 5 What Are the Challenges for Building World Class Universities in Taiwan? Assessing Taiwan’s Excellence Initiatives Since 2005
Authors: Hou, Angela Yung-Chi (et al.)

Chapter 6 Internationalization and Universities in Taiwan: Policies, Practices, and Prospects
Author: Chan, Sheng-Ju

Chapter 7 University Autonomy of Higher Education in Taiwan: Developments and Consequences
Author: Yang, Jason Cheng-Cheng

Chapter 8 Doctoral Education in an Aging Society: Strategies and Challenges in Taiwan
Author: Hsieh, Chuo-Chun

Chapter 9 Higher Education Massification in Taiwan: Equity for Whom?
Authors: Lu, I-Jung Grace (et al.)

Chapter 10 Technological Innovation and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Taiwan Higher Education
Author: Hsu, Yu-Ping

Chapter 11 Academics’ Multi-Career Pathways and the Promotion System in Taiwan Higher Education
Author: Ho, Sophia Shi-Huei

Chapter 12 Academic Profession in Taiwan: Whose Doctorate Graduates Hold a Stronger Network Among Academics?
Author: Chiang, Li-Chuan

Chapter 13 The Development of Institutional Research and Its Implications for University Governance in Taiwan
Authors: Fu, Yuan Chih (et al.)

Chapter 14 Challenges and Prospects for Taiwan’s Higher Education
Authors: Huang, Jong-Tsun (et al.)

We thank the editors and all the authors for sharing their perspectives and contribution.
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