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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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An Overview of HEEACT

On December 26, 2005, according to subparagraph 2, Article 5 of the University Act states that: “To promote the development of every university, the Ministry of Education shall organize an Assessment Committee or commission academic organizations or professional accreditation bodies to carry out regular assessments of the universities.” The Ministry of Education (MOE) and 153 Taiwan higher education institutions (HEIs) contributed to the establishment of HEEACT, thereby creating a separated incorporated foundation which is also government-funded national quality assurance (QA) agency responsible for higher education accreditation. By conducting third-party external accreditation, HEEACT supports Taiwan HEIs in their endeavor to constantly improve on education quality.

With its vision of “Integrity, Professionalism, and Excellence”, HEEACT develops quality assurance mechanism, actively researches domestic and foreign QA systems, and supports the government in planning accreditation and QA mechanisms. Additionally, HEEACT provides QA professional training courses, disseminates QA-related information, and endeavors to expand the global visibility of Taiwan higher education. In accordance with the core values of “autonomy, transparency, and internationalization,” HEEACT identify itself as “a professional accrediting body with global recognition and excellence in profession.” HEEACT continues to develop professional and service qualities and the ability to be aligned with international quality assurance organizations. With the aims to improve the quality of Taiwan higher education, HEEACT provides the following services in accordance with the relevant regulations:

  • It supports the government and HEIs in promoting the quality assurance in higher education accreditation and evaluation.
  • It conducts higher education accreditation and researches with local and foreign institutes.
  • It promotes cooperation and exchanges with overseas quality assurance agencies and international networks.
  • It supports the government plan and implements various higher education projects and initiatives.
  • It conducts activities related to public good and educational affairs that are aligned to HEEACT mission. 

 Structure of HEEACT Organization