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Higher Education in Taiwan-Global, Political and Social Challenges and Future Trends

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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The first English Monograph in Taiwanese Higher Education by HEEACT


The Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) has released its first English monograph among the book series “Higher Education in Asia: Quality, Excellence and Governance” published by Springer. The book ‘’Higher Education in Taiwan: Global, Political and Social Challenges and Future Trends’’, indexed in the Scopus database, was edited by Prof. Dr. Angela Yung-Chi Hou, Prof. Dr. Tony Tung-Liang Chiang, and Prof. Dr. Sheng-Ju Chan. This is the ninth volume of this book series starting from 2016; however, it is the first English book focusing on Taiwan’s higher education.

This book discusses the current situation of Taiwanese Universities under a rapidly changing domestic and global environment. It examines the social structure, drawing on professional perspectives, data-based and systematic analysis. It contains fourteen insightful chapters as follows:

Chapter 1 Historical Development of Higher Education in Taiwan from Past to Present 
Authors: Hou, Angela Yung-Chi (et al.)

Chapter 2 The Influence of Governmental Policies and Global Competition in the Diversification of Higher Education in Taiwan
Author: Chen, Karen Hui-Jung 

Chapter 3 Taiwan’s Higher Education Policy: From Neoliberalism to Public Goods (Higher Education in Taiwan: Global, Political, and Social Challenges)
Author: Chang, Dian-Fu

Chapter 4 Quality Assurance in Taiwan Higher Education: Regulation, Model Shift, and Future Prospect
Authors: Lin, Alan Shao Ren (et al.)

Chapter 5 What Are the Challenges for Building World Class Universities in Taiwan? Assessing Taiwan’s Excellence Initiatives Since 2005
Authors: Hou, Angela Yung-Chi (et al.)

Chapter 6 Internationalization and Universities in Taiwan: Policies, Practices, and Prospects
Author: Chan, Sheng-Ju

Chapter 7 University Autonomy of Higher Education in Taiwan: Developments and Consequences
Author: Yang, Jason Cheng-Cheng

Chapter 8 Doctoral Education in an Aging Society: Strategies and Challenges in Taiwan
Author: Hsieh, Chuo-Chun

Chapter 9 Higher Education Massification in Taiwan: Equity for Whom?
Authors: Lu, I-Jung Grace (et al.)

Chapter 10 Technological Innovation and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Taiwan Higher Education
Author: Hsu, Yu-Ping

Chapter 11 Academics’ Multi-Career Pathways and the Promotion System in Taiwan Higher Education
Author: Ho, Sophia Shi-Huei

Chapter 12 Academic Profession in Taiwan: Whose Doctorate Graduates Hold a Stronger Network Among Academics?
Author: Chiang, Li-Chuan

Chapter 13 The Development of Institutional Research and Its Implications for University Governance in Taiwan
Authors: Fu, Yuan Chih (et al.)

Chapter 14 Challenges and Prospects for Taiwan’s Higher Education
Authors: Huang, Jong-Tsun (et al.)

We thank the editors and all the authors for sharing their perspectives and contribution.
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