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HEEACT invites QA Experts for INQAAHE GGP Compliance Recognition Consultancy Meeting

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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During the last months, HEEACT began the process of application and alignment to INQAAHE’s GGP membership with the aims of implementing the best practices and standards in the field of quality assurance. This alignment process had led HEEACT to exhaustedly work on its self-evaluation and to prepare itself to the GGP Review in this coming 2020.

Throughout these efforts, HEEACT held an External Review and Consultancy Workshop of GGP, in which HEEACT was honored to received experts and well-known professionals with vast experience in this field. Ms. Pauline Tang, Former CEO of THE-ICE and Immediate Past Vice-President of INQAAHE and Mr. Robert Fearnside, Former Deputy Executive Director of HKCAAVQ led this consultancy meeting and workshop where they shared their knowledge in relation to INQAAHE’s GGP application.

In the initial session, HEEACT staff introduced the draft of its self-assessment report (SAR) and during the workshop sessions, different topics related to the structure and contents of the SAR were discussed. Ms. Pauline Tang and Mr. Robert Fearnside shared their insights and did significant observations and important recommendations to HEEACT’s self-assessment report

Ms. Tang shared her experience and explained in detail all the current INQAAHE guidelines and criteria that need to be taken into consideration for the GGP application and Mr. Fearnside mentioned key points that should be considered prior the onsite visit, during the GGP and the follow-ups.

In addition, our experts also shared their knowledge and recommendations in relation to the Taiwanese Qualification Framework (TWQF-HE), this on-going project led and developed by HEEACT.

Our Executive Director, Prof. Angela Hou Yung-Chin and the Dean of the office of QA, Prof. Chan Sheng-Lu finalized the consultancy meeting and workshop with a warm wrap-up of all the aspects that were discussed during the sessions.