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HEEACT and THE-ICE - Virtual Seminar

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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In 2021, HEEACT collaborates with The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) to conduct a research project. 

Both agencies agreed to hold a seminar in order to gain a better and deeper understanding of each other. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar was convened virtually. During this seminar, HEEACT and THE-ICE introduced the agency, shared the accreditation process and procedures, and exchanged different insights in relation of the QA mechanisms and national qualification framework in Australia and Taiwan.

The presenters and participants from the THE-ICE were as follows:
     ◎ Dr. Paul Whitelaw – Chair & Director of THE-ICE Board & Director
     ◎ Mr. John Daly – Deputy Chair & Director of THE-ICE Board
     ◎ Dr. Craig Thompson – CEO
     ◎ Ms. Jane Gentle - General Manager & Company Secretary
     ◎ Prof. Brian King – Chair & Auditor of THE-ICE Assessment Panel
     ◎ Ms. Elise Lawrence – Project Coordinator

The presenters from the HEEACT were as follows:
     ◎ Prof. Dr. Fu-Hsing Lu – Executive Director
     ◎ Prof. Dr Kuang-Chao Yu – Director of Quality Assurance and Projects Office
     ◎ Prof. Dr. Shaw-Ren Lin – Dean & Professor, Academic Affairs Division, Taipei National University of the Arts
     ◎ Prof. Dr Sheng-Ju Chan – Dean & Distinguished Professor, Office of Student Affairs, National Chung Cheng University
     ◎ Dr. Jackson Chun-Chi Chih – Associate Research Fellow & Chief of Evaluation and Training Division, 
     ◎ Dr. Hua-Chi Chou – Assistant Research Fellow & Chief of Project Division
Dr. I-Jung Grace Lu – Assistant Professor, Tunghai University
     ◎ Ms. Pin-Chuan Hsu, QA Coordinator
     ◎ Ms. Miko Chia-Yi Lin, QA Coordinator
     ◎ Ms. Wen-Hsing Kuo, QA Coordinator
     ◎ Ms. I-Chun Vera Hsiao, International Affairs Coordinator & Overseas Accreditation Coordinator
     ◎ Mr. Tzu-Hsiang Yu, Editor Assistant
     ◎ Ms. Man-Yun Kao, Part-time Research Assistant