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2023 MQA International Conference

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  • Source:Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
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On November 7th 2023, the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQA) hosted an international conference in Sabah, Malaysia. The theme of the conference was “Curating Future Quality for Higher Education.” The Executive Director of HEEACT, Prof. Dr. Kuang-Chao Yu, was invited to give a presentation on “From EQA to IQA: Building the Culture of Self-Provisioned Quality for Higher Education in Taiwan.” Along with the Executive Director Yu, six delegates of HEEACT also attended the conference to learn about the global trends of QA in HE and to actively engage with QA experts and QA agencies, including Prof. Dr. Yu-Wen Chen, Director of Administration and Research, Prof. Dr. Fu-Hsing Lu, Adjunct Research Fellow, Prof. Dr. Angela Yung-Chi Hou, Adjunct Research Fellow and other colleagues of HEEACT.

This conference aimed at providing a platform for all the stakeholders to discuss the role that the quality assurance can play to support the development of global higher education and featured two keynote speeches, four panel discussions, six paper presentations and five sharing sessions, focusing on four main topics:

  1. Flexible Learning Pathways
  2. Quality Assurance of Higher Education
  3. Acceleration of Digital Learning
  4. Reinforcing Values of Higher Education for Society

Overall, the conference not only offered an opportunity for HEEACT to exchange viewpoints with the experts and scholars of Malaysia and other countries, but also a channel to understand Malaysian initiatives and global trends in higher education. Through a mix of keynote speeches, panel discussions and networking activities, it inspired HEEACT to look into the best practices that are suitable for Taiwan’s context to further consider the prospective regarding quality assurance of higher education. Most importantly, HEEACT has strengthened its ongoing collaboration with MQA as well as other international QA agencies, embarking on creating a better future for higher education.