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HEEACT Research Projects

In line with its mission and tasks, HEEACT conducts research projects on quality assurance in higher education, international quality assurance, higher education policy, and quality enhancement in teaching annually. These research results can be used as a reference for quality assurance implementation and project execution, and for the Ministry of Education to make decisions on policies.

Year No. Item Remarks
2016 SY-105c-01 The Second Cycle Institutional Accreditation Practice Planning Project Download
2016 SY-105c-02 The Third Cycle Program Accreditation Pilot Project Download
2016 SY-105c-03 An Analysis of Worldwide Quality Assurance Agencies Organizational Structures Download
2016 SY-105c-04 Designing the Joint Training Courses and Its Operation Mechanism for On-site Visitors of Higher Education Evaluation Associations in Taiwan Download
2016 SY-105c-05 Diversification of Higher Education Evaluation Project Download
2016 SY-105c-06 Diversification of Higher Education Evaluation Project Download
2016 SY-105c-07 A Study of Self-Accreditation Policy in Taiwan Higher Education: Implementation, Impacts and Challenges Download